Another busy week at Happy Hearts!

What a result! Our beans have started to germinate and we have been observing their different stages of growth. So far, our beans have grown a long root and a small stem which is very exciting!

We are focusing on sharing and being kind to our friends this week. We are reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’, about a girl called Handa who wants to surprise her friend Akeyo with some exciting fruits. Make sure to ask your child about what happens during the story, as it ends in a very surprising way. The children discussed and then painted their favourite fruit from the story and they look fantastic!

We are looking at the sound ‘c’ as well as the number 9. This week the children have had fun practising rhyming using our rhyming hat. We have also been looking at the initial sounds of words and started to blend some of those sounds together to form simple three-letter phonetic words.

Lastly, the children had fun making a super-secret gift and card for their fathers for Father’s Day!

We wish all fathers a very Happy Father’s Day for Sunday 21st June.