Ice Cream Cones to Keep Us Cool

What a busy week we have had at Happy Hearts!

We took our bean plants home this week because they have grown so tall and it’s time for them to be transferred into a bigger pot with some soil, or into the garden.

This week we have been learning the sound ‘k’ and the number 10. We have had lots of fun singing songs counting down from 10 such as ‘Ten Little Speckled Frogs’ and ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom We’re Going to the Moon!’

For the sound ‘k’ we pretended we were kangaroos and we jumped using two feet stuck together around the classroom and at Holland park. It was fun to see who could jump the highest!

As part of our summer topic the children made pretend ice-creams. They learned about the shape ‘cone’ and with some support rolled their own cone. They then added a scoop of tissue paper before decorating it with drizzle and sprinkles.

We also made a summer beach picture; first we made the sea using paint and tissue paper before using sand to create our sandy feet on the seashore.

Will you be going to the beach during your holidays?