It’s the end of term already!

Wow! We can’t believe that the end of term has arrived so quickly!

This week the children have been revising all the sounds and numbers we have covered this term and year. We have been playing lots of fun games to reinforce the children’s understanding.

On our daily walk to Holland Park we pass by some lemon trees which we have been observing throughout this half term, changing from flowers to little lemons and now they are growing much bigger. The children stop every day to see what changes they can observe. To link to this the children tried tasting some lemons which they decided were very sour! We also did some printing using lemons and limes and looked at the shapes they created.

We had our end-of-term party on Wednesday which was lots of fun! The children enjoyed dancing along to party music and having some healthy party food for snack.

Thank you to all our families for joining us in what has turned out to be a very topsy-turvy year! We look forward to welcoming you all back in the autumn term and hope you all have a wonderful summer break.