About Us

Welcome to Happy Hearts Nursery and Pre-School. The main aim here is to inspire and nurture our children in a way that allows them to associate their learning with joy and fulfilment. Consequently, they are able to value their time here and form tender memories, while also developing personal and emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their future education and beyond. What more can one hope for, for their child?

The Happy Hearts Curriculum

Since no two children are the same, one of our key goals at Happy Hearts is to provide a personalised curriculum that engages every child by being mindful of their unique interests and preferred learning styles. We concentrate on incorporating elements of the Montessori approach into our educational programs, which encourages liberal and practical learning. In other words, we focus on providing an opportunity for children to learn through doing, which helps them become more independent. In addition, we also apply aspects of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which appreciates the boundless potential of the child, which is extended and tested through the socialisation process occurring within a nursery environment.

There are a wide range of extra-curricular activities available to our children, depending on their interests, which include cookery, tennis, science, forest school, creative art, yoga, music, and French. It’s important to us to inspire your child’s inquisitive nature, instilling them with various skills that will allow them to become thoughtful problem solvers and emotionally intelligent achievers.

Happy Hearts Staff

Our bespoke and cognisant curriculum is overseen by our wonderful team of experienced, fully qualified teaching staff, who are passionate about providing children with a caring and stimulating environment that is both challenging, supportive, and enjoyable.

At Happy Hearts, we have a superb child to staff ratio, allowing us to assist each child on an equal basis, providing them with the best care possible. As such, children are able to reach their full potential, regardless of their unique requirements.

Happy Hearts Owner & Principal

“Education is a developmental matter that embodies holistic, systematic, rigorous, and stimulating pedagogical tools that foster the child’s ability to become emotionally intelligent, morally responsible and reflectively self-confident.” Dr. Nahla Jafroudi, Owner and Principal of Happy Hearts Nursery and Pre-School

Dr. Jafroudi holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from King’s College London, Master of Art from the UCL, Institute of Education, and Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Primary Education (QTS). Dr. Jafroudi is deeply passionate about education, and her academic work and research has been an ongoing endeavour to promote the wellbeing of children and the development of their emotional intelligence towards their personal, emotional, social, and academic success.

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