Giving your child the best start

Settling in

Near the end of each term, we have a Settling In Session for all the children joining us the following term. This is an opportunity for you to visit the school, to meet your child’s class teacher, and ask any questions you may have before your child joins us.

You will receive a Settling In Questionnaire, which you will need to complete and return to us. This questionnaire provides us with useful information about your child and the rest of your family, which helps us to make your child’s first days and weeks at Happy Hearts happier and more comfortable. At every stage, we believe that a close nursery/home relationship makes for the most positive outcome for your child.

On their first day, we ask that you take your child into their new classroom, where their teacher will be waiting to welcome them. We know that every child is different. They will respond to nursery life in their own way. It might take your child a few days or a few weeks to feel completely settled. If, for any reason, your child is particularly unhappy, we will always call you and ask you to return to the nursery. It is perhaps reassuring to learn that this happens very rarely. We encourage children to bring a favourite toy, or special item with them during the first few weeks, as this can make them feel more secure.

“At Happy Hearts, nothing is more important than your child’s happiness.”

We aim to make every day that your child spends with us part of a joyful and enriching adventure. We firmly believe that a positive, happy nursery school experience is a wonderful springboard to an enduring love of learning and a happy school life.

Most importantly, our touchstone is your child’s happiness. Your child’s sense of wellbeing, security and contentment is paramount. At Happy Hearts, they will be able to depend on our patience, kindness and respect every single day.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Happy Hearts, and the first thrilling part of their adventure in learning!

Future schools

After Happy Hearts, all children will continue to their chosen Independent pre-preps, bilingual schools or local primary schools.

Choosing the right school for your child is vital, and our teachers have a good knowledge of these schools and their requirements and would be delighted to discuss your children’s transition and academic planning in more detail. We have strong ties with many of the leading private schools in London, and we prepare your child for entry into the school of your choice.

Some of the schools that our pupils have progressed to are: Francis Holland School, Eaton House, Weatherby School, Pembridge Hall School, Hill House School, Hereward House, Connaught House, Abercorn School, Garden House, Kensington Prep School, Knightsbridge School, Eaton Square Schools, Thomas’s Kensington, Thomas’s Battersea, Queen’s Gate School, Norland Place School, Falkner House, Queens College, Dulwich College.

For more comprehensive advice on how to navigate the independent school system please contact the school office.

Register with Happy Hearts

If you would like to register your child, please download our registration form by clicking the link below and email it to If you would like to visit our nursery, please telephone the office on 020 7937 5528 to make an appointment.