Settling In

At Happy Hearts, nothing is more important than your child’s happiness.

For many parents, the prospect of leaving your child at nursery for the first time can be daunting. At Happy Hearts, we give you and your child the opportunity to come and visit the setting before their official starting date. This visit gives our teachers an opportunity to learn from you as much as we can about your child, and gives your child the opportunity to see how settled and happy the other children are in the classroom.

An additional tool used to help us learn about your child is a ‘Settling In Questionnaire’ which parents receive at the time of registration and prior to your child’s start date. This questionnaire provides us with useful information about your child and the rest of your family, helping us to make your child’s first days and weeks at Happy Hearts happier and more comfortable. At every stage, we believe that a close nursery/home relationship makes for the most positive outcome for your child.

On your child’s first day, we ask that you accompany him/her into their new classroom, where their teacher will be waiting to welcome them. We believe that nursery is an important transition for your child and needs to be managed carefully, and that the individuality and uniqueness of each child means that they will respond to nursery life in their own way. When you accompany your child on their first day, let our team take the lead whilst you sit back and take the opportunity to discuss any concerns/questions you may have with your child’s key teacher and learn more about nursery life. It is important for your child to feel that their parents or carer are happy and relaxed about them playing and being at the nursery with their key teachers. This is the very first step in your child building a positive and healthy relationship with their teachers.

We appreciate that it may take your child a few days or a few weeks to feel completely settled. If for any reason, your child is particularly unhappy or distressed, we will always call you and ask you to return to the nursery, although we would like to reassure you that this happens very rarely. We pride ourselves on having loving teachers who are quick to offer comfort to your child should they become upset, and we find that a story, a fun activity, or a quick cuddle are remedies that help your child feel comforted and safe. As every family and child is unique, the settling-in experience varies and we set no expectations. Our commitment to your child’s emotional wellbeing means that we are open to offering further accompanied parent/carer sessions to best help your child feel safe and welcome, should you feel that your child needs them.

To further help your child settle in, we encourage children to bring a favourite toy, or special item with them during the first few weeks, as this can make them feel more secure and at home. Our teachers will also send home a ‘Family Book’ which we ask you to fill with photos of your family members, pets, and past celebrations. This is then accessible at all times in the classroom for your child to look at and discuss their family members with their teachers and peers, an important tool that helps your child shape their both identity and sense of belonging.

Every day your child spends with us should be part of a joyful and enriching adventure. We firmly believe that a positive, happy nursery school experience is a wonderful springboard to an enduring love of learning and happy school life. Most importantly, our touchstone is your child’s happiness. Your child’s sense of wellbeing, security, and contentment is paramount. At Happy Hearts Nursery and Pre-School, your child will be able to depend on our patience, kindness, and respect every single day.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Happy Hearts, and accompanying them on the first part of their learning journey!