Frances Blackie

Our 2.5 year old son attended Happy Hearts nursery for just one month whilst we were staying in London for work. We have travelled around a lot and in that time our little one has attended 6 nurseries, Happy Hearts stands out head and shoulders above the rest. The staff are so warm and friendly and show a firm commitment to the education and development our the children under their care. Our son loved going to nursery every day and we noticed a distinct improvement in his behaviour and development during this time. We were fortunate enough to attend the nativity play which exceeded our expectations in every way. It was clear to see the staff had put so much effort into preparing and rehearsing for the play and the children did so well. Along with the staff, the facilities are excellent. It is a large, bright engaging environment for playing and learning. We were absolutely gutted to Leave Happy Hearts and would recommend it to anyone who is considering it for their little ones.

Y Yuka

Happy Hearts is a wonderful nursery in the Kensington area. I worried about my 2-year-old daughter because she was so shy and her first language was not English. However, she got used to the teachers and environment soon. It was like magic! The owner and teachers are professional and very kind.They send us a daily report with pictures and videos. In addition, external specialists teach kids various activities (tennis, yoga, forest school, music etc.). I am happy to see my daughter’s progress .We are very satisfied with the nursery.

Penny Belesioti

Happy Hearts is a dreamy nursery for your child to start its school journey. I’m so grateful that my son had the opportunity to begin his school life there. Both owner and teachers are all warm, caring, supportive and I can’t thank them enough. Children learn through play and fun. The variety of their everyday activities allows them to become creative, confident, independent. My son went from knowing no English at all, to being able to understand and learn his first words in English. Day by day I can see his progress as he becomes more social and independent. I’m so impressed by how they observe, understand and tailor every child’s needs. The premises are great! Spacious, well-planned, clean and positioned near to Holland Park. Pay a visit! You will not regret it!

Vasiliki Chatzidafni

My 2 years old son joined Happy Hearts nursery and I am delighted that I chose them to support his development and progress. Staff is very friendly, caring and professional. My son is becoming a confident and independent little boy and I love the daily photo updates on the app, seeing the activities he is participating. Highly recommended!

Ashley Siedentopf

HI, My daughter is spending the summer term here as we will be relocating after, however if I were to be closer I would absolutely continued to enrol until reception, from day 1 of starting, she was warmly welcomed by the headmistress and others and had no troubles adjusting or me having to come collect her that morning, she is so happy to see the little lion when we arrive at the school and runs to the doors. I also am so impressed with her words, sentences, songs, numbers, vocabulary, to say the least… she comes home with, and general huge development in a short time, my parents who live in Canada face time us often and couldn’t believe how much she was chatting full sentences yesterday , and how grown up she became over night, only being a little over 2.5 years old. I would highly recommend this nursery to parents who would love to have their child in a safe, nurturing, kind, playful, fun loving environment and that they are in great hands when dropped off making it easier for us parents to not worry but know they are learning and getting a great start to education here. I can’t recommend it enough, especially as 0-7years old / their formative years especially 2-3 years being a critical part of whom they become as adults, this place ticks all the boxes for offering all the essential tools to prepare for the next steps for big school.

federico p

High professionalism along with a warm and a family environment. It has been a great experience. My daughter is always excited to go and stay for the whole day.


Our 2-year-old son quickly settled in Happy Hearts because the teachers are always smiley as well as take good care. They provide a variety of activities that help his development. This is great for our boy with full of curiosity. He really enjoys everything which he experiences and gets lots of skills. Also Happy Hearts is nearby Holland Park. Children plays in the park daily basis. It is wonderful opportunity to enjoy outdoor and learn from the natural surroundings. We love Happy Hearts.

Poorva Chopra

I highly recommend Happy Hearts to all parents looking for a well-rounded nursery and preschool. We can only talk from our experience as parents who were exploring and comparing options for a nursery in Kensington & Chelsea. After carefully studying and discussing options with various schools/nurseries, we decided to go with happy hearts. We were really anxious in beginning if our daughter will settle in her new nursery environment specially after being home during the lockdown for last 6 months. Our friends also experienced similar anxiety related to settling their 2 year olds to their respective nursery schools. At Happy hearts, we are really happy the way Dr Nahal and her team of professionals, have helped settled in our daughter so so well. They have a very intelligently designed curriculum throughout the week which is both diverse each day and very interesting, activities ranging from – outdoor and indoor tennis, yoga, dance and music classes, French lessons – all so beautifully curated for the learning and development of the little curious minds. On second day of school, our daughter started to say – “Mumma, go party, fun , friends“ as she thinks she’s going to party everyday. The feedback from the child is one of the best – she’s excited to go to nursery every morning, and we have seen a huge difference in just a few days of her being at Happy Hearts, contributing to her learning and development via intelligently planned activities and engagement throughout the week. Also Dr Nahal and her team make every effort to cater to the requirements and attention for each child. Keep up the great work Happy Hearts!! We thank you from our hearts for taking care of our precious little ones and being part of her learning and exploring journey.

Elika Sina

Happy Hearts is a beautifully run nursery with great facilities and dedicated staff. My son wasn’t at all keen to start nursery but the wonderful staff, and specifically the owner Dr Nahal, nurtured him with so much care and understanding that he is now unimaginably eager to start his days there! The staff are always there to assist and support and the nursery goes above and beyond to provide insight into their daily activities, which ultimately gives me such peace of mind knowing that my son is in such a caring environment where he can learn and be inspired, while clearly also having lots of fun!

Sunny Leung

Happy Hearts is equipped with the most highly skilled and accomplished teachers. They have highly qualified teachers to prepare my daughter for her upcoming school interviews as well as her transition to primary school. Their dedication and professionalism to early year education is admirable. I would recommend Happy Hearts nursery.

Baber Nisar

Very happy to recommend Happy Hearts nursery. Professionally run and with a great, knowledgeable and friendly team. Your children will be in very good and safe hands. Has also a very convenient location too especially for anyone living in the borough.

Sofia Gouveia

Knowing from my previous experience with my now 9 years old, how important it is to find the right nursery for your child, and very keen to find a place where my 2 years old daughter could of course have fun, but most importantly learn and develop various skills, I asked and researched for the best option in the area and I’m very happy to say that I found it at Happy Hearts. The holistic approach they have, together with the values we share, their methodology, etc., gave me the confidence that they will guide my daughter releasing her full potential and become the best of herself. I was a bit nervous because after all the time she spent with me during lockdown she could eventually not have an easy settling but I was wrong, Happy Hearts warm welcome and care for her was outstanding and in a couple of days she was running to their harms at the entrance. The range of daily activities they offer daily (yoga, dance, French, tennis, cooking, science, etc.), is amazing and so diverse and relevant, and even my 9 years old asks if she can attend it :P. From when she started in September until now (meaning in just a month) her development has been absolutely amazing and noticeable. I cannot thank enough Happy Hearts for taking care and guiding my daughter on her journey so well. A huge thank you.