We’re coming to the end of our first week since we re-opened our nursery and we’re so pleased to see our children back!

They were very eager to come into nursery and have embraced the new hand cleaning measures we have put in place – especially the hand sanitiser gel as they arrive because it is dispensed by a snorting pig!

Once the children arrive, they head straight to the bathroom to wash their hands thoroughly with soap. We have been practising counting to 20 while we wash our hands and all the children are happily counting along and reminding their friends to do the same.

The children have had a busy week so far! We are focusing on summer this half term and the staff have some exciting ideas planned.

On the first day back the children each made their own special rainbow, and we talked about all the special people who have helped us while we haven’t been at nursery. As well as learning the colours, they learned the rainbow song which we have been singing all week.

We’ve spent lots of time at the park nearby, talking about how it has changed since the spring. The children have particularly enjoyed watching the bumblebees exploring all the beautiful flowers as we enter Holland Park and looking for other animals on our walk. As part of our summer topic we have been talking about sun safety and the importance of wearing sunscreen and a sun hat.

The children have loved being back in the nursery exploring all the equipment and learning new sounds and numbers. This week we have focused on ‘g’ and the number 7. They played their favourite game ‘jump over the river’ while identifying all the sounds they have learnt so far.

It has been a great first week back and the children are very excited to come back next week to see what’s planned!

One parent told us: “Daniel had so much fun today and was so excited to tell me all about the park trip and seeing his friends.”

Another parent who was unsure how her daughter would react to being back in nursery, and was therefore reluctant to let her stay for lunch, emailed us and said: “Yan enjoyed nursery today. Can she stay for lunch tomorrow?”

If you would like to enquire about a place for your child at Happy Hearts Nursery please send an email to info@happyhearts.uk.