Food, glorious food!

The Yum Yum Food Company and food expert Annabel Karmel

We know how important it is for children to stay fuelled on the right foods whilst in our care. We also recognise the importance of introducing a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future. That’s why we have chosen to work with the Yum Yum Food Company, who have formed an exclusive partnership with the UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author and food expert Annabel Karmel. Committed to safeguarding all of the children in our care, we cater for specific food allergies, intolerances and culture requirements, whilst providing all of our children with nutritionally balanced, freshly prepared meals of the highest quality.

We educate them on the benefits of eating healthy food, raising their awareness of where food comes from, as well as encouraging good eating habits and table manners.

“We are committed to our children’s holistic development, we also use mealtimes as an opportunity to extend the children’s learning.”

Sample menus

LunchItalian lentil ragu served
with basmati rice
Roast chicken bites with a broccoli and pea pesto
Served with egg free
Tuna pasta bake with
Mild chicken tikka masala
served with basmati rice
Creamy beef stroganoff
with mushrooms served
with crunchy potatoes
DessertOrange and chocolate cakeStrawberry yoghurtApple and raisin flapjacksFresh bananaCinnamon and vanilla
forest fruit compote
LunchLentil and chickpea dhal
with herby couscous
Beef chilli con carne with
kidney beans served with
basmati rice
Chicken and leeks with
carrots in a creamy sauce served with potatoes
Pollack fish chowder
served with yellow rice
Vegetable chow main
served with egg free
DessertDate and apple flapjacksPeach yoghurtJuicy courgette and carrot cakeFresh melon slicesBeetroot and chocolate
LunchFruity vegetable curry with chick peas served with basmati riceMango chicken with carrots and sweetcorn served with couscousHungarian beef goulash
with butter beans Served
with diced potatoes
Chicken Katsu with
peppers Served with
basmati rice
Beef bolognaise with
hidden veggies served with penne pasta
DessertOat and raisin sliceFruit yoghurtFresh orangesCranberry flapjacks with
rice crispies
Carrot and apple spice

Children also have healthy snacks in the mornings and afternoons that mainly consist of a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh drinking water and milk are available at the school at all times.

For more information about our food, current menus and ingredients, please see The Yum Yum Food Company website.