School Life

A typical day at Happy Hearts

A typical day at Happy Hearts Nursery and Pre-School starts with the children greeting their teachers at the door with a handshake and a smile, a daily practice of ‘Grace and Courtesy’, before hanging up their coats and bag and changing into their indoor shoes. The seemingly simple act of preparing themselves for the classroom gives each child multiple learning opportunities, from recognising their name on the coat rack, to developing their motor skills when changing shoes, to growing their language skills by asking their teacher for help.

The morning sessions then start with the self-registration for each child before freely exploring various learning opportunities in the areas which typically include literacy, numeracy and science, alongside daily circle time (which are both teacher/child-led). At Happy Hearts we like to attribute our classroom setting and resources to a harmonious atmosphere of learning, a safe world rich in opportunities to actively explore, engage and inspire each child’s natural curiosity. We support children in understanding their moods, interests, and capabilities and provide calm, consistent care and supportive teaching. Our teachers pride themselves on recognising each child’s emerging needs and interests and plan activities with the uniqueness of each child in mind.

In addition to each morning’s daily routine, we have specialist peripatetic teachers on a weekly basis that conduct Music and Movement classes, Tennis lessons, Yoga sessions and French club. Our children’s natural curiosity is further extended through our weekly Forest School sessions, where they have a unique opportunity to learn through nature and gain a better understanding of the natural world around them.

In the afternoon, the children have the opportunity to enjoy arts & crafts, including cooking and baking, alongside sports activities, as well as drama, gardening and trips to the park and library. Our objective is to help each child start each day with a sense of eagerness and enthusiasm towards learning, and finish with a feeling of accomplishment and contentment.