Food, glorious food!

We know how important it is for children to stay fuelled on the right foods while they are in our care and we recognise the importance of introducing a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future. Our nursery lunches cater to vegetarians, specific food allergies, intolerances, and cultural requirements and provide all our children with nutritionally balanced, freshly prepared, and healthy food of the highest quality. Our snacks in the mornings and afternoons mainly consist of a variety of organic fresh fruit and vegetables as well as organic milk and dairy alternatives. Fresh drinking water is available to children at all times throughout the nursery day and we encourage everyone to pour themselves a cup of water at our ‘Hydration Station’.

“We are committed to our children’s holistic development; we also use mealtimes as an opportunity to extend the children’s learning.”

Our teachers use each mealtime as a learning opportunity to talk about the different food groups, where they come from, and the sensory experience of smelling, tasting, chewing and swallowing. We share the notion that we are what we eat, and by discussing the food at mealtimes, our teachers help develop your child’s self-awareness and mindfulness. Your child will learn and understand the benefits of eating healthy food at our nursery and learn good eating habits. Developing good eating manners is of high importance at Happy Hearts. We encourage the use of correct cutlery and table manners from the youngest age, and how to eat mindfully.

The weekly afternoon cooking club at Happy Hearts is another way we use food for learning opportunities and children are encouraged to take an active interest in cooking and preparing meals through carefully planned cooking activities. During these activities, our teachers incorporate science, mathematics, vocabulary building, and fine motor skills development through the various food preparation tasks such as measuring, recipe following, cutting, whisking, and baking.