Pastoral Care

A Caring and Nurturing Environment

At Happy Hearts Nursery and Pre-School Kensington, we strive to foster an atmosphere that is not only conducive for learning but one that promotes kindness, respect, and a celebration of the differences that make each of us unique. The fundamental values of equity, mutual respect, sharing and caring, tolerance and discernment are positively promoted in our day-to-day practices. These principles are discussed and embedded in our nursery through storytelling, role-play, and the celebrations of different traditions and faiths of our diverse classroom. Each child at Happy Hearts is unique, and we teach the children to embrace not only their own uniqueness but the uniqueness and individuality of their teachers and peers. By having high expectations of our children’s behaviour, we help them develop a strong foundation for a life of tolerance, compassion, and the enthusiasm to celebrate diversity.

Implementing the Ethos of Wellbeing at Happy Hearts

Equity and Fairness

At Happy Hearts, we help children feel empowered and part of a wider community that makes decisions together, so that each child feels their views and interests are valued. The incorporation of simple exercises into our daily practices, such as turn-taking, working as a group, and voting with a show of hands, helps children to understand that choices can be made together.

Positive Sense of Self and Self-worth

Emotional intelligence is at the core of our ethos at Happy Hearts and we provide children with the tools to develop a positive sense of self and self-worth by providing opportunities to develop their confidence in their own abilities. Our open environment gives children the freedom to engage in activities of their choice and exercise their individual liberty, while our teachers talk to children about their feelings and equip them with the vocabulary needed to explore how they feel while acknowledging that their peers have feelings too.

Mutual Respect

The atmosphere at Happy Hearts is an inclusive one where tolerance of different cultures, faiths, and religious views are valued and respected. Through teacher-led activities and discussions, we encourage children to value the similarities and differences between themselves and others, and we actively celebrate different cultural festivals and traditions to help children better understand the world around them.

Managing Feelings and Behaviour

To help children manage their feelings and behaviour, they need to understand the importance of rules as codes that guide behaviour. At Happy Hearts, the strong rhythm of the day carries with it an inbuilt structure and order, which together with the support of our dedicated teachers foster their understanding of the rules and expectations and learning to distinguish between right from wrong. As a class, the children help create ‘Golden Rules’, by actively discussing ways in which we can all be safe, respectful, and happy. The active contribution of ideas helps the children better understand the value of sharing and collaboration whilst giving them autonomy over their learning environment.