What parents are saying

  • Lucy L
    "Happy Hearts is a wonderful nursery with friendly teachers. They help my daughter to prepare for the assessment for a different good school in London. For now we got an offer from a prep school and are still waiting for more offers."
    Lucy L
  • Federico P 
    "Our daughter is very happy to go and spend time in the nursery. The staff are very professional and focused on the child's needs. The cleanliness of the school environment is excellent. We are very satisfied."
    Federico P 
  • Risa M
    "We're extremely happy with the care provided for our two-year-old son. He absolutely loves this nursery. The staff are very friendly and skilled. Also, they set out lovely activities and learning for the children every day. We speak Japanese at home, so we were very worried because he couldn't speak English before starting Happy Hearts, but now he has grown up to be able to speak short sentences in one term. Thank you Happy Hearts.” 
    Risa M
  • Elika Sina
    "Happy Hearts is a beautifully run nursery with great facilities and dedicated staff. My son wasn’t at all keen to start nursery but the wonderful staff, and specifically the owner Dr Nahal, nurtured him with so much care and understanding that he is now unimaginably eager to start his days there!"
    Elika Sina
  • Sunny Leung
    "Happy Hearts is equipped with the most highly skilled and accomplished teachers. They have highly qualified teachers to prepare my daughter for her upcoming school interviews as well as her transition to primary school. Their dedication and professionalism to early year education is admirable. I would recommend Happy Hearts nursery."
    Sunny Leung
  • Baber Nisar
    "Very happy to recommend Happy Hearts nursery. Professionally run and with a great, knowledgeable and friendly team. Your children will be in very good and safe hands. Has also a very convenient location too especially for anyone living in the borough."
    Baber Nisar
  • Sofia Gouveia
    "Knowing from my previous experience with my now 9 years old, how important it is to find the right nursery for your child, and very keen to find a place where my 2 years old daughter could of course have fun, but most importantly learn and develop various skills, I asked and researched for the best option in the area and I’m very happy to say that I found it at Happy Hearts. The holistic approach they have, together with the values we share, their methodology, etc., gave me the confidence that they will guide my daughter releasing her full potential and become the best of herself. I was a bit nervous because after all the time she spent with me during lockdown she could eventually not have an easy settling but I was wrong, Happy Hearts warm welcome and care for her was outstanding and in a couple of days she was running to their harms at the entrance. The range of daily activities they offer daily (yoga, dance, french, tennis, cooking, science, etc.), is amazing and so diverse and relevant, and even my 9 years old asks if she can attend it :P. From when she started in September until now (meaning in just a month) her development has been absolutely amazing and noticeable. I cannot thank enough Happy Hearts for taking care and guiding my daughter on her journey so well. A huge thank you."
    Sofia Gouveia
  • R M
    "Happy Hearts has a very homely atmosphere and the teachers always smile and treat their children. Although it incorporates Montessori education, it is not as stiff as you often hear in Japan, it has abundant activities, it allows children to have various experiences, and I also like it that it is a small group and the teachers are attentive. Although there is no large garden, there is an outdoor space for children to play, and they go to Holland Park everyday. The apron for meals, the apron for art, and the paddle suit for Forest school will be prepared at the school, so you don't have to worry about your uniform getting dirty. It distinguishes between outdoor shoes and indoor shoes, and it is hygienic because it incorporates hand washing and hand gel. It is very helpful because it teaches you lifestyle habits such as washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and cleaning up at school. My 2-year-old son goes there very happily. Our 2-year-old son quickly settled in Happy Hearts because the teachers are always smiley as well as take good care. They provide a variety of activities that help his development. This is great for our boy who is full of curiosity. He really enjoys everything which he experiences and gets lots of skills. Also Happy Hearts is very close to Holland Park. Children plays in the park daily basis. It is wonderful opportunity to enjoy outdoor and learn from the natural surroundings. We love Happy Hearts."
    R M